Why do we work with Deep Trekker?


In the world of underwater drones, there are many manufacturers, each with their unique points. Deep Trekker is one of them. This Canadian company has now become one of the market leaders in the field of underwater drones and robots!

Deep Trekker’s products are innovative and provide good solutions to existing problems, such as:

  • Security
  • Data processing
  • Deployment
We (H2O-Drones) chose Deep Trekker out of several points of view. They are known for quality and durability. Our corporate identity should also be quality, we do not want to be associated with bad products! Deep Trekker is one of the forerunners in the market in terms of technology and innovation. This makes it fun and challenging to be the exclusive salesman for the Netherlands. And a salesman for Germany and Belgium.


Look at the YouTube channel for an introduction!

Quality Products


We primarily use only two underwater drones: the DTG 3 and the REVOLUTION. For inspections, these are the best drones available on the market today, in the context of onshore inspections. We mostly use them for the inspections of our customers.



The DTG3 is a relatively small drone, which can mostly be used to inspect pipelines. Due to its size, it fits perfectly into pipes and tubes up to 500mm. The DTG 3 has a 270o rotating camera that can easily inspect both the top and bottom of pipes, locks, tubes and water tanks. Because the camera can rotate at this angle, it is easy to hold the drone in position and only move the camera. Because the camera records in 4k-UHD, the images are always of quality if you want to review them later.


Besides the camera, the drone is also extremely maneuverable, which makes inspecting and cruising with the drone never boring. The manoeuvrability allows for faster inspections, which saves a lot of time in the long run. Next, to being manoeuvrable and allow for fast inspections, the battery lasts up to 8 hours. This is more than enough for a full day of inspections. If, on rare occasions, you need to inspect longer in a day? Then within 90 minutes drone is fully charged again and can last another 8 hours!


In addition to the small pipes, the DTG 3 also feels at home in larger waters. For example, this drone can dive up to 200 meters deep. At these depths, of course, there is not much light, but this is not a problem for the drone either! The drone is set up for dark areas and can also obtain good images here, this is due to an extra set of lights built into the DTG 3 at the  Expert and Navigator packages!!



The REVOLUTION is a larger and heavier drone than the DTG 3, and weighs 26 kilo. We use the REVOLUTION mostly for larger inspections. Because of 6 thrusters (propellers) it is possible to move in all directions, even laterally!


The REVOLUTION is also the only drone in the world that has a rotary head system. This allows the entire head with camera, lights, laser scaler and sonar to rotate freely without moving the rest of the drone. With Deep Trekker’s BRIDGE technology, it is possible for the drone to hover perfectly in the water and stay in the same position, even with slight currents. The 260o rotating head can then be used to inspect both top and bottom.

Because of its size and weight, the REVOLUTION offers endless possibilities for accessories, from Deep Trekker  or homemade!

For example, we ourselves always use sonar, a grabber at the front (to protect the drone) and possibly laser scalers. In addition, we have added our own cameras and lights for research purposes. The possibilities are endless and the REVOLUTION can sail even with a few extra kilos attached!

Also by using the GPS there are many deployable possibilities. It is easy to determine the location in Search and Rescue missions, to see how far this drone is in pipelines during inspection, and to always know accurately where the drone is.

The batteries are also easy to replace, so missions and operations can always be resumed quickly by using a spare battery!



We offer various options regarding inspections. From Deep Trekker we stimulate sales in the Netherlands and Belgium, but we also support the companies and individuals who are not yet ready to buy options. We do this through rental, where we are hired to inspect and deliver data.

If you want to buy  a drone, the cost is high once, and you will benefit from it for a long period of time. You can choose which drone you want, and what kind of package is required for this. This depends on the situation, the objects you want to inspect and the size of the passages in relation to the drones. We will of course help you with your choice and can assist and advise you. We even offer a warranty on the drones, because we are convinced by the quality. The warranty is at least 1 year!

If you do not plan to use the drone for regular use, or you prefer that professionals inspect it themselves (because you do not have the time) or the use will only be for a short period of time, it is wise to rent instead of buying. Renting always includes:

  • A professional operator
  • tailored Drone
  • Accessories to get every job done right

Of course, there are a number of additional options when renting, for that you can always contact us!

We are therefore the proudest retailer in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for Deep Trekker and hope to be able to represent the interests of this company for even longer, in order to create more support for safety.

For more information, visit the  the website of Deep Trekker, or follow them on their social media pages.

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