Search and Rescue

Wij bieden voor iedere toepassing de juiste drone.

De nieuwste generatie onderwater drones van H2O Drones maken de onderwaterwereld voor iedereen bereikbaar. Wij bieden voor iedere toepassing de juiste drone. Bij ons kunt u kopen en huren en wij verzorgen opleiding en onderhoud om het maximale uit de drones te halen.

Looking for drowned people

  • Easy search for drowned people

  • Sooner deployable than professional divers

  • Can be used in unsafe locations

Easy search for drowning victims

Searching for drowning victims is easier with integrated use of drones and divers:

  • More interface through dual search power
  • The drones can be monitored from the shore
  • The sonar allows you to search everywhere!


Together with Signi, we even combine the advantages of dogs, drones and divers! That allows us to use the srengths of all three.

The dogs can help with their smell, to enclose the mostly huge searching areas. After we have the enclosed area, the drones can be deployed into the water.

A bit below you can see, what advantages our drones bring. And lastly, the divers can be deployed to salvage the body.


Can be used sooner than professional divers

When a drone is taken along as standard, it can immediately enter the water at any time.

  • No on-call service and always available in every situation!

Deployable in unsafe situations

Rescuing or finding drowning people in unsafe situations can lead to more victims!

  • By deploying drones, (additional) human lives are saved.
  • Situations can be assessed before divers enter the water.

Dive guidance

A drone can be used before divers enter the water for safety analyses.

Even during the dive, drones can monitor situations and prevent unsafe situations!

An extra pair of eyes can only help.

With different types of underwater drones, H2O Drones offers you the possibility to quickly and easily look under water. Also in the shipping, Search and Rescue and during under water activities this is quite convenient.


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