• Search for drowning victims

    Saving lives with life-saving work. An enormous challenge. And at the same time, the waters in the Netherlands are too murky to see a metre in front of you.

    Our underwater drones can save lives. Equipped with sonar, an ROV can see up to 40 metres ahead. With this, we can always see a drowning victim faster than a pair of human eyes. The transparency of the water, no matter how low, then no longer matters.

  • Golden hour

    The fire brigade is allowed to search only in “golden hour”. So that means one hour and then the police take over. So how can we support safety regions with this?

    By equipping safety regions with an underwater drone with “forward-looking sonar”, we increase their ability to locate a drowning victim within the hour. The power of an ROV is not affected by waves or weather conditions because it is underwater. This increases the chances of a quick find.

Why do search & rescue companies choose H2o Drones?

Every second counts. With H2o Drones’ underwater drones, you can save time between life and death. Faster, safer, more efficient and more incisive than a human eye. With its sonar function, which can see up to 40 metres ahead, you put yourself at an unprecedented advantage in this life-or-death matter.

Expanding the toolbox
See up to 40 metres ahead
No decompression time
Safer than divers

Most widely used underwater drones for Search and Rescue

A different solution for every situation. This also applies to ROVs.
We therefore look for the best suited drone or robot plus add-ons for each job.