• Soil survey

    Do you already know what is on the bottom of your harbour?

    Objects falling off boats, large stones dangerous to ships or dumped material that does not belong in the water. Our sonar can see up to 40 metres ahead with a razor-sharp image. This allows you to protect your inland waters from all kinds of bottom-dwelling materials that we may not currently know are there.

  • Ship inspections

    Whether you are in Brazil, Indonesia or the Netherlands, having your own underwater drone on board means you can inspect anytime, anywhere.

    A quick propeller inspection when a ship docks or visualising the ship’s hull. With your own drone on board, you are always in control and no longer dependent on the deployment of diving teams.

  • Sheet piling

    In the murky waters of the Netherlands, a thorough inspection with a pair of eyes or just a camera is virtually impossible.

    Sometimes, visibility is limited to just 40 centimetres during a sheet piling inspection. With our sonar function, we may discover cracks, fractures or other elements that are broken in any sheet piling.

  • Jetty piles

    The last thing you want is for a scaffold to become unstable and dangerous to walk on.

    With our underwater inspections, we are able to measure steel thicknesses and reveal pitting corrosion, among other things. This allows you to determine the residual life of your scaffolding piles. This provides knowledge and ensures safety.

  • Is your option not listed?

Why do port and infrastructure companies choose H2O Drones?

Most underwater assets such as sheet piling, jetty piles and bridge abutment piers were constructed long ago. So what is currently the current state of this infrastructure? With our eyes underwater, you reveal what was invisible until recently. With this, you eliminate possible major damage. And if one of our drones is in the water anyway, you might as well have it do a comprehensive soil survey to determine the quality of the soil.

Underwater scan of 40m by sonar
Eliminate possible major damages
Possibility of soil testing
Baseline measurement of assets

Most widely used underwater drones and robot at port and infrastructure companies

A different solution for every situation. This also applies to ROVs.
We therefore look for the best suited drone or robot plus add-ons for each job.

You find yourself in good company