A clear image with underwater drones and under water robots

With the underwater drones of H2O-Drones the underwater world is
now available for every professional.


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With different types of underwater drones and under water robots, H2O Drones offers you the possibility to quickly and easily take a look under water and to work in the most diverse circumstances.

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Many valuable constructions are situated under water.


The larger part of dam walls, quay walls, jetties, fendering and many other kinds of coastal engineering are out of sight.

And what about all the ships and maritime equipment, the major part of which is always situated under water?

Of course, as owner, user or manager, you want to know the status of these objects under water. And obviously you want to find out in the most durable and safe manner. The underwater drone makes this world safe and sustainable for everyone, without the need to use people under water.

Versatile drones

The underwater drones and under water robots allow you to inspect the under water yourself, as well as to measure and work.
The underwater drones and under water robots are innovative instruments that increasingly more possibilities are created for.

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Partly thanks to different auxiliaries and accessories, the underwater drone and under water robot becomes an all-rounder that will take on any challenge under water. From sonar to measuring sensors… there are numerous possibilities. We will be glad to assist you in solving particular issues or in developing customized accessories.

  • Localization under water (GPS)
  • Forward looking sonar
  • Different grippers
  • ultrasonic thickness gauge
  • water quality gauge
  • control case
  • Imaging Sonar
  • Grippers
  • Laser scalers
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In our environment, the visibility under water is usually minimal.

Even this can be solved by us through the application of an imaging sonar on our underwater drone and under water robots. This auxiliary enables you to perform detailed examination under water in the most diverse situations and under the most severe circumstances.

You can buy or rent our drones and robots. We take care of training for the best result with the drones and we also maintain and repair drones.

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Markets / application areas

Havens, Infra en waterbeheer
  • Ports, Infra and water management

  • Maritime and shipping

  • Industry

  • Search and Rescue

  • Emergency response

  • Under water activities

Advantages of
H2O Drones

Taking a look under water was never this easy. An H2o-Droners underwater drone or under water robot has many advantages.

  • Rapidly deployable, operational within 5 minutes
  • To be operated by one person
  • Data gathered can easily be exchanged
  • Service, maintenance and warranty taken care of by H2O Drones
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Taking a look under water was never this easy. The H2O underwater drones have many advantages.


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