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  • Underwaterdrones

    Are you curious about inspecting of the future? With our commercial-grade underwater drones, there is finally an alternative to expensive traditional inspections. It allows you to make complex underwater missions easier than ever.

    • Safe underwater work
    • Robust and portable
    • (Cost-)efficient solution

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  • A200

    Meet our latest pride. With the A200, no pipe goes unexplored. Thanks to its robust power, even pipes from 200 millimetres and more no longer escape your sight.

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  • DT640

    The DT640 is built for cleaning sediment and sludge from the bottom of reservoirs and tanks. But also to perform industry-specific tasks such as maintenance of, for example, water tanks, ship hulls and more.

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With our underwater drones and robots, navigate paths within the traditional waterscape that were invisible and inaccessible until recently.

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What our clients say

Safe and effective dive deployment that increases the chances of rescuing drowning persons

The ROV with sonar helps reduce the risks posed by dive-related firefighting deployments.

Rick Koedoot Knowledge director/policy officer Research & Analysis department at Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region
The underwater drone is an essential tool for inspection and maintenance

Being able to visually inspect in inaccessible places is convenient, time-saving and safe.

Michel Ruijter Senior Advisor Hydraulic Engineering at the Dutch ministery of infrastructure and waterways
This simply solves our problem

With the DTG3, we can do everything very quickly, without the extra safety checks required.

Arjen Geelhoed Superintendent SPIE Netherlands

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