A clear image with underwater drones and under water robots

With the underwaterdrones of H2O Drones the underwater world is
now available for every professional.


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With different types of underwater drones and under water robots, H2O Drones offers you the possibility to quickly and easily take a look under water and to work in the most diverse circumstances.

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Many valuable constructions are located underwater.

Portwalls - underwater drone H2O Drones

Sheet piling, quay walls, mooring structures, brake fences and many other coastal structures are largely hidden from view.

And what about all the ships and maritime equipment of which a large part is always under water?

Naturally, as an owner, user or manager, you would like to know the condition of these objects under water. And of course you would like to do that in the safest and most sustainable way possible. With an underwaterdrone, this world is now accessible to everyone in a safe and sustainable manner, without the unsafe use of people under water.

Versatile drones

The underwater drones and under water robots allow you to inspect the under water yourself, as well as to measure and work.
ROVs are innovative instruments that increasingly more possibilities are created for every day.

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Partly thanks to different auxiliaries and accessories, the underwater drone and ROVs becomes an all-rounder that will take on any challenge under water. From sonar to measuring sensors… there are numerous possibilities. We will be glad to assist you in solving particular issues or in developing customized accessories.

  • Localization under water (GPS)
  • Forward looking sonar
  • Different grippers
  • ultrasonic thickness gauge
  • water quality gauge
  • control case
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In our environment, the visibility under water is usually poor.

Zelfs dit lossen wij op door de toepassing van een imaging sonar op onze onderwaterdrone en onderwaterrobots. Dit hulpmiddel stelt u in staat om in de meest troebele wateren tot in detail te zien, en ook in zware omstandigheden onder water te kijken.

U kunt onze drones en ROVs kopen of inhuren. Wij verzorgen opleidingen voor het beste resultaat met de drones en wij onderhouden en repareren drones.

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Advantages of
H2O Drones

Taking a look under water was never this easy. H2O Drones’ underwater drones and ROVs have many advantages:

  • Rapidly deployable, operational within 5 minutes
  • Easily deployed by just 1 person
  • Data gathered can easily be exchanged
  • Service, maintenance and warranty taken care of by H2O Drones
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Cavitationblaster on the Revolution ROV


Taking a look under water was never this easy. The H2O underwater drones have many advantages.


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