• Shipping

    Ship docking remains a good outcome. Do you have suspicions of damage? With a drone from H2O Drones, you no longer have to wait to look under your ship until your vessel is docked.

    More and more shipping companies are deciding that a DTG3 or Pivot should be part of their fleet’s standard equipment. The reason? This allows them to inspect ad hoc parts like the propellers, seals or a nut anywhere in the world. By using one of our drones as part of your crew, you will always be ahead of a latent problem with our solution.

  • Ports, shipyards & wharfs

    Imagine if a drone was always present in the port, shipping company or yard, to do a quick inspection. Would you take advantage of that?

    What if a ship could be inspected data-driven, without having to call in diving teams on call? Prevent dangerous situations and inspect a ship’s hull, propellers and everything else quickly and reliably. This way, you can prevent potentially dangerous situations and take preventive action. This prevents large costs and overdue maintenance.

Why does the maritime sector choose H2o Drones?

Your very own underwater drone or robot from H2O Drones allows you to get gut feelings of the state of your ship confirmed at any time. Wherever you are in the world, your drone or robot is always ready for action. Due to its compactness and portability, any crew member can deploy your eyes underwater in no time. By making an ROV from H2O Drones a standard part of your crew, you can have parts, manpower and tools arranged in advance if you find a breakdown. This makes docking your ship faster than ever!

Always immediately available
Operable by one person
Schedule preventive maintenance
Operational in 3 minutes

Most used underwater drones and robot at maritime companies

A different solution for every situation. This also applies to ROVs.
We therefore look for the best suited drone or robot plus add-ons for each job.