• Lock inspections

    Not having to put your lock out of operation, but having it inspected at the same time?

    Keeping a lock closed for inspection purposes is a thing of the past. The solution? Work around shipping. And that is possible with an underwater drone from H2O Drones. This allows shipping to continue undisturbed while nipping any stoppages in the bud.

  • Construction pits

    Your building pits in full view at a glance?

    Having building pits inspected is essential. Getting a good picture of the positioning in the cofferdam to ensure controlled work in the cofferdam is no longer an issue thanks to H2O Drones.

  • Additional inspection team

    H2O Drones as an independent inspection agency?

    As an independent inspection agency, we carry out inspections for engineering and consultancy firms as an additional service. Here, you can make use of the latest state-of-the-art underwater drones as well as more than 30 years of expertise in hydraulic engineering and the underwater world.

  • Is your option not listed?

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Why do engineering and consulting firms choose H2O Drones?

What you invent now is old tomorrow. This is especially true of H2O Drones’ rapidly developing drones and robots. Do you want to take advantage of this innovative luxury without making large investments? With our years of experience in hydraulic engineering and the use of the latest drones and robots, we can get the best results above water. Of course, we deliver your inspection results so you can actually use them.

No huge investments
Use market leader expertise
Deployment of independent inspection agency
Reporting according to NEN-norms

Most used underwater drones at engineering and consulting firms

A different solution for every situation. This also applies to ROVs.
We therefore look for the most suitable drone or robot plus add-ons for each assignment.

You find yourself in good company