Energy and maintenance

There are many ways to generate (sustainable) energy, and new technologies and developments are emerging all the time. Nowadays, much use is made of surface water.  Think of floating solar parks and windmills in open water. Increasingly, facilities are also being developed on running water, for example.

The assets will also have to be inspected underwater on a regular basis. The underwater drone is the best tool for this.

It is the safest, fastest and most data-oriented method of inspecting your assets under water.

Solar parks on water:

  • Keeping the panels clean and removing infestation below the waterline
  • Checking whether the panels are still properly attached to the foundations (floats)
  • Inspection of the foundations at the bottom, making sure the panels cannot float away.
  • Check cables and inspecting cable culverts
  • General temperature measurements of the panels and the water
  • Checking for possible toxic substances leaking from the solar panels or their batteries.

Solar parks on water are relatively new and do not (yet) require constant maintenance. However, it is important to check everything regularly and tackle any problems early on. Many problems can be prevented here, and ROVs can safely inspect them.

Solar parks on water are relatively new and it is still relatively unknown what damage and maintenance to expect. Periodic condition surveys keep your organisation up-to-date at all times.

Wind farms

  • Inspection of foundation piles and anchors
  • Measurement of steel and coating (layer) thicknesses
  • Also suitable for the inside of tube piles during construction
  • Inspection of cable culverts

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