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    After a critical search for the world’s best drones and robots, Deep Trekker came out on top: easy to use, portable and innovative. As an exclusive partner, we always carry out our underwater inspections with the latest state-of-the-art drones and robots!

    Top quality time and again

    With the best quality drones and robots, you only really get results when they are also piloted by first-class ROV pilots. Looking underwater is one thing, but recognising the right defects is quite another. Fortunately, our ROV pilots are seasoned underwater specialists who have made this their expertise. This allows us to combine the world’s best underwater drones and robots with high-level knowledge of underwater assets!

    From raw data to a work of art

    We understand better than anyone that mere razor-sharp (sonar) images contain only part of the solution. That is why we use our sophisticated method to translate the raw data into a clear advisory report. This gives you a visual map of the defects found at a glance. Want to know more about what this looks like?

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  • Rather take matters into your own hands?

    Then buying an underwater drone or robot might be the right option for you. Our drones and robots can be used for various underwater operations as well as equipped with various options. 4K-camera, sonar integration, DVL and much more.

    Find your ideal solution

    Complex underwater missions require specific solutions. We’d hate to see you pay for options you’re not going to use. Or that you overlook options that could be indispensable for you. That’s why we are happy to help you in your search for the best matching drone or robot, including the right add ons.

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    Want to become an experienced ROV-pilot?

    After buying your drone or robot, transform yourself into an ROV pilot

    Then it’s time you got to know your drone or robot well. And under the motto ‘You will find what you are looking for’, it is important that you learn to read the footage correctly.

    To this end, we provide a two-day training course at a location of your choice. This training consists of a bit of theory, but mainly a lot of practice. We teach you how best to search underwater and how to collect data most efficiently.

    What skills will you have after completing the two-day ROV operator training course?

    • Theoretical knowledge of the respective underwater drone or robot;
    • You can apply theory and accurately assess practical situations;
    • Operating your ROV in practice;
    • You can maintain your drone to perfection;
    • And you get a certificate that you are a certified ROV operator.

    *We only provide training for drones purchased from H2O Drones

Most frequently chosen inspections

  • Have you suddenly come across a (potential) problem? Our eyes underwater are deployed daily to map the current condition. We are quick to deploy, the drone or robot is operational within three minutes and we can provide you with a clear report after the inspection.

  • With our solution, you will always be ahead of coming problems. Have we found one? Then in cooperation with you, we can monitor the problem periodically. So you will always know the condition of your assets underwater. And more importantly: with our unique inspection method, you provide yourself with a clear basis for your strategic replacement planning.

  • Increasingly, clients are asking us to do a second opinion on an inspection done. The reason? We are completely independent and therefore unbiased. With the highest imaging resolution of our drones and robots, we offer you the option of seasoned expertise on any project.

  • Many assets that are underwater were inaccessible until recently. This means that the condition of these assets has been completely unknown for decades. The solution? With our drones and robots, we can explore the smallest spots and visualise everything. After this baseline measurement, you have the data of your assets neatly back in order after years of guesswork.

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Every inspection is different and so is every underwater drone.


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Revolution ROV

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Pivot ROV

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Depth rating(EN) 200 meters 305 meters 305 meters
Thrusters 2-3 6 6
DVL possibility No Yes Yes
Rotating camera 260 degrees 260 degrees 190 degrees
Rotating sonar No 260 degrees 70 degrees
Battery life up to 8 hours up to 4 hours up to 3 hours
Replaceable battery No Yes Yes

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