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Infra, ports and watermanagement

For all your inspection work at assets below the waterline! Dam walls, quay walls, piers, pillars and breakwaters. We inspect it all.

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Maritime and shipping

Inspection of ships while they are in the water. Rapid damage reports or a comprehensive inspection without high costs? 1 day inspection and you can continue.

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Search and rescue

There is nothing more important than saving lives. With an ROV, the call-up time is low, so you can get into the water faster. In the water itself, drowning victims are quickly found due to the sonar.

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From pipelines to water tanks, our ROVs are suitable for everything. Cracks and other signs of corrosion can be detected and a repair plan can be drawn up quickly.

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Climate research is easy to carry out with an ROV. The underwaterdrone can go to depths that divers cannot reach. Fish, plants, temperature and water quality – these are some of the things we can discover

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Your assets in or on the water: cables, supports etc. Easily and quickly inspected with an ROV. Power supply is of great importance, so it is best to regularly inspect all your assets to ensure they are still in optimum condition.

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Government and municipalities

Ministry of Waterways, Royal Navy, safety regions and water authorities. We are here to help you! What can we do for you? And what have we already done in this field?

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Engineering firm

An ROV inspects assets under water safely, quickly and data-wise. We are happy to tell you how this works and what we can do for you!

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We are always open to cooperation with charities or charitable foundations. Working on a better climate or helping non-profit organisations. See here what we can do for you.

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<>Diver guidance

Safety is our top priority! But how can we ensure this? There are many ways in which we can accompany divers or help ensure the safety of human life.

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