• Rainwater pipes

    Do you need underwater eyes at your rainwater pipes?

    In separated sewer systems, rainwater pipes are relatively clean. These are therefore easier to visually inspect, even when they are still full of water. This means that drying, and all the associated hassle, is no longer necessary from now on.

  • (Bridge)culverts

    H2o Drones is the alternative to dry inspection.

    The traditional way of inspection is: damming, draining, dredging sludge and then dry inspection. Hugely time-consuming, expensive and with an impact on the CO2 footprint. H2O Drones’ drones are in the culvert within three minutes, ready for inspection. We have also developed the unique inspection method with several progressive municipalities.

  • Siphons

    The bulk of siphons in the Netherlands have been there for about 70 years. However, these have rarely if ever been inspected. What can go wrong?

    The available data regarding the condition of siphons is often missing or rarely correct. As a result, human divers (logically!) routinely refuse to swim into the siphon to inspect it. The solution? A visual inspection with an ROV carried out by the subject professionals at H2O Drones.

  • Infiltration and Transport sewers

    These are eminently ingenious sewer systems. Only, virtually impossible to inspect. And that while with (completely drowned) IT sewers, it is often guessing what state they are in. The solution?

    With our travelling robots, we are able to perform a full visual inspection, without having to put it dry. All this with a razor-sharp picture of the current condition.

  • Different question

Why do municipalities, provinces and water authorities choose H2o Drones?

Developed by you and for you. After an intensive process of searching, learning and experimenting, together with a group of frontrunners from municipalities and water authorities, we have developed the unique inspection method. How? By combining our years of underwater experience with the wishes and requirements from the field. And with the world’s best drones and robots that keep reinventing themselves. From now on, no damage or defect escapes our eyes underwater.

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