• Last minute risk analysis

    A drone is often no longer seen as a curse, but a blessing for divers. The inspection work they do not find so exciting, divers now carry out from the shore with an underwater drone. And the fun work?

    The advantage of working with a drone for a diver is that, as a diver, you can pick the most fun and risk-free work. The less fun and more dangerous inspection work can be done by the drone.

  • Straight to the point

    When objects need to be tracked, the quickest way to do this is with an underwater drone. This eliminates the need for the diver to search by touch. The advantages?

    As a diver, even in very dark waters, you can display an accurate positioning of objects in the water. In addition, you can work three times faster with a drone. More safety, less cost!

  • Dive guidance

    Safety is everything. Safety can also be enhanced while diving. For example, it is possible to monitor a diver from a distance at all times with our sonar. This sonar reaches up to 40 metres of visibility. Above water, the drone operator can always watch the diver live, ensuring safety from a distance.

    It can also check whether the diver is swimming an optimal route. Deviations can be viewed live and also at a later time thanks to footage that is automatically stored. In the unlikely event that the diver does run into problems during the work, he or she can always be contacted by the ROV to assess the need for help. In this way, help can be quickly scaled up.

  • Evaluation diving operations

    Taking pictures alone misses an important part of the context. This can be overcome by taking (short) video images. This allows you to film the defect in question in, say, ten seconds.

    Working with H2O Drones’ underwater drones allows you to tell the whole story about what you found underwater. High-resolution footage leaves nothing to chance. Both sonar and 4K low-light will help you better understand a found problem.

Why do diving companies choose H2O Drones?

Every job has less fun sides. As a diver, you can now have your less fun inspection work done by a drone. Or have it inspect the places underwater that you don’t quite trust. With your underwater drone as your partner in crime, you will give your underwater work a new dimension.

Pre-dive inspection
Up to 40 metres visibility underwater
Only do the fun work

Most commonly used underwater drones in dive supervision

A different solution for every situation. This also applies to ROVs.
We therefore look for the best suited drone or robot plus add-ons for each assignment.

You find yourself in good company