• Scientific research

    In the field of ecological research, there are several possibilities for using a drone from H2O Drones.

    An ROV from H2O Drones can take temperature measurements up to 300 metres. But soil samples for soil research and water quality measurements are also possible. And last but not least, all images are fully reviewable!

  • Discoveries and expeditions

    Visiting shipwrecks with a drone not only provides good images, but is also the safest way.

    For divers, this is obviously a great place. However, shipwrecks can be unstable. Light touches can cause a wreck to collapse. These are obviously not situations where you want people around. With our drones, small areas are also easy to visit and the sonar gives you extra research possibilities.

Why do scientific institutions choose H2O Drones?

Putting the business out of business is a hugely costly operation. From now on, your business can continue to run during the inspection work done. Do you have doubts about the condition of your asset, but these doubts are not big enough to put everything out of business? H2O Drones’ underwater drones can confirm your gut feelings in no time, without all the hassle of putting it dry.

Various add-on options
Portable drones
Sustainable drones
Good in confined spaces

Most widely used underwater drone in climate and environmental research

A different solution for every situation. This also applies to ROVs.
We therefore look for the best suited drone or robot plus add-ons for each assignment.