• Water supply lines

    Due to the water shortage, water transport should be halted as little as possible.

    Water transport pipes are sometimes up to tens of kilometres long. If so, how do you know if all well entrances are still correct? How these pipes look? Or where the critical points are? With an ROV from H2O Drones, every inch underwater will be visually visible.

  • Drinking water

    Don’t want to run water storage dry but still want to inspect it?

    The Netherlands is facing an unavoidable drinking water shortage. The current method of inspection is to drain the entire drinking water storage. And then inspect it dry. Is step one really necessary?

  • Water treatment

    Due to the water shortage, the water treatment plant needs to be shut down as little as possible.

    The point aeration, filtration tanks and discharge pipes can all be imaged with our sonar after the initial treatment. But how?

Why do Water and pipeline management companies choose H2o Drones?

The water shortage is becoming increasingly problematic. Having to drain away dozens of litres of water to inspect is therefore an absolute no-go. More and more water and pipeline companies are deploying H2O Drones as a remedy to be able to inspect, without draining water. After a baseline measurement, we offer the possibility of monitoring or doing various sediment measurements. Cracks, fractures and anomalies do not escape the sight of our eyes underwater from this point on.

Baseline measurement
Sediment measurements
Cable up to 700 metres

Most widely used underwater drones and robot at water and pipeline management companies

A different solution for every situation. This also applies to ROVs.
We therefore look for the best suited drone or robot plus add-ons for each job.

You find yourself in good company