• 0(Kilo)weight

    • 0º(degrees)rotating sonar

      • 0m(out of 305m)depth reached by us

  • Description


    is a completely redesigned underwater drone. This mission-ready ROV offers a larger payload, can dive deeper and has advanced stabilisation. Rotating the head allows operators to rotate the camera, manipulators and sonar 260° while in moving water. The six propellers allow for lateral movement of the camera and precise forward and backward rotation, ensuring maximum control and advanced stability posture.

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  • Specifications

    • Depth:305 metres
    • Thrusters:6
    • Battery life:up to 4 hours

    Lighting and camera:

    Video: UHD 4K – 3840X2160 | 720p – 1280×720 30FPS 0.001 Lux Total image range of 260°

    Image: JPG 8mp

    Lights: High-efficiency LED | Fully dimmable 8,400 – 11,800 lumens

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