Inspecting construction pits: how do we do it?


Inspecting construction pits is something that is important for working safely. Thanks to our drones, this can be done quickly and easily, and you have reliable proof that this was done properly, since you can always take another look at the footage.

Why should construction pits be inspected

We inspect construction pits to find out if:

  • The sheet piling has not run out of lock.
  • The soil has been properly excavated.
  • The sheet piling is clean and free of soil.
  • The reinforcement has been properly installed before the concrete can be poured.

We do this to find out if the construction pit is ready to have concrete poured into it.

On the west side of Utrecht Central Station, the renovation of the Jaarbeursplein is in full swing. The pouring of more than 9,000 cubic meters of underwater concrete for the floor of the new underground parking garage was a non-stop 80-hour mega job for various parties that went extremely well.

Why our drones?

  • Optimal result
  • Efficiency
  • Maximum safety
  • Underwater orientation

Often such a construction pit is inspected by divers, but with our drones you have the best possible result. It is faster, more efficient and offers maximum safety. With a drone you can find out many more details. A diver goes into the water once, and if they overlook something (which is of course human) it can become a problem. With a drone, thanks to the camera and the sonar, you can gain exact images and information, and always view and review footage. The sonar gives you an overview, and thus orientation underwater, which is something you can never probaply achieve with a diver.

Our sonar

Thanks to our sonar, you have a complete overview of what is happening. This applies to all the water around the drone, so there is more then just a scan of the bottom. Underwater visibility is mostly limited to one or two meters, but with a sonar you can see up to forty meters ahead. This helps enormously with orientation in the construction pit. By also zooming in on objects, you can see everything in detail from a proper distance!

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