What can the advanced Deep Trekker controller do?


With the easy-to-use controller of our underwater drones, you can see everything that happens in the area of the underwater drone. You can read a lot from this monitor thanks to the sensors, but how do you control such a monitor? Which buttons are important and how do you read the interface?

Controlling an underwater drone with a controller

All Deep Trekker ROVs and crawlers are controlled by a controller. All controllers are suitable for outdoor use and are weather, splash and waterproof.

The controllers feature a 7-inch daylight screen. The unique aspect of the Deep Trekker ROVs is the fact that all accessories that you put on or to the drone are integrated into the software. This has the great advantage that all accessories can be read and operated from the controller. Think for example of the sonar and positioning. With one push of a button the operator is able to switch between sonar, positioning or video images. So the operator always has the right information.

Furthermore, the electronic compass can always be read from the controller, and depth, roll and pitch are displayed at a glance.

All functions of the underwater drone are simply operated from the controller. If photos, videos or sonar images are stored, they can be easily exchanged using the memory card in the back of the controller.

The controller has a WiFi function which can be used for various applications.

Last but not least, the controller has external ports to connect to external media. This offers you, for example, possibilities to stream your images live.

Reading interface

From the easy-to-read interface, you can learn a lot. You can read the temperature of the water, and the angle where you are so you can navigate with a compass. You can also read the angle of the camera and how far the head is turned. You can read the depth.


Additional couplings

On the back end, you have many input options. Namely, the HDMI, USB, Ethernet and SD card connectivity as described earlier, but also, for example, an additional screen link. There are a lot of different options available.

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