What can (and should) be done in ports?


Inspections on docks is something that should be done periodically. If you hold frequent underwater inspections, you can track damage and wear over time, and know when something needs to be fixed. This ensures that you can get to the problem in time and avoid unnecessary escalating costs.

Damage to jetties at ports, how to prevent it?

Scaffolding must be sturdy enough to withstand water pressure. They wear out after a while, moss growth makes a scaffold less stable and sturdy. Failure to maintain scaffolding can lead to serious accidents. A scaffold can collapse if the poles are not properly maintained. This can also happen when someone is standing on the scaffolding or when a boat is attached to the scaffolding. You can already imagine the damage! That would of course be a shame.

What an underwater drone can contribute to this.

Fouling on a scaffold can also take root in the wood. You can’t just see this on the outside of the pile. With the use of the accessories for our underwater drones, you can easily remove that fouling and see if the scaffolding needs maintenance right away, or maybe later. The same goes for quay walls, they can be very damaged unnoticed. Here too, an underwater drone is extremely useful; it allows us to see what is (almost) damaged and how it should be fixed.

Why is a regular soil test important?

You can perform a soil test to determine the quality of the soil, for example by taking a sample of the soil and examining it. However, it is also important to conduct a soil test on a regular basis to see what is lying on the ground. For example, there may be a shopping cart or other object lying around that does not belong there. These foreign soil materials can get stuck in the propeller of a ship, which is very annoying and can bring serious damage to a ship. It is also going to cost a lot of money to repair.

An underwater drone is ideal for this purpose. It can easily move through the water and take any sample from the bottom. The drone also has a sonar that easily makes an underwater scan. You can then immediately see if- and what kind of bottom alien materials can be found in the water.

The following video shows images of an inspection at a harbor with our underwater drone.

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