The use of sonars to identify unidentified objects


On the waterbed many unidentified and non-identified objects can be found.

Those unidentified objects can be dangerous, and only some of these objects do not form a hazard to waterway users.

Many of these objects do form a hazard as they, for example, protrude from the bottom and thus are dangerous to swimmers and shipping. Especially, as we are dealing with extremely low water level nowadays, that continue longer than we are used to, objects in the water form a direct threat to users of waterways.

Under water drones and under water robots are regularly used to look for and identify unknown objects. In order to properly perform these activities, we make use of the imaging sonar on our underwater drones.

Using the sonar we search the water bed in a predetermined area.

As soon as we come across an unidentified object, the exact location is documented. Position of the objects is established by use of our under water GPS system.

Subsequently, all sides of the object are inspected and identified by use of the video camera.

In many cases, the underwater drone with gripper is applied as an auxiliary during the salvage of unidentified objects.

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