Under what conditions can we perform an inspection?


An inspection can only be performed under the right conditions. This allows us to obtain the right images and the right information, but what conditions are these and why?

What are the necessary conditions?

First of all, the most important requirement is that there is enough water at the site where the drone is to inspect. This is because the ROV must be completely submerged in order to function correctly, in addition to this there must be enough space for the ROV to move. A radius of at least 350 millimeters is required when inspecting pipes without sonar. If you want an inspection with sonar, (this is the most common) this should be at least 600 millimeters.

In addition, it is important that the water is not too dirty. By this we mean for example plant residues in the water or lots of plastic and other litter. Make sure that most of this is removed from the water before we come to inspect it. This can be done by, for example, spraying through the pipes, ducts or other areas. This is a service that we also offer, an inspection does take us more time. The dirt can get stuck in the ROV’s engines preventing us from doing any work.

Furthermore, there must also be a possibility of having a place to stand and park our bus or truck nearby. There must be a place for this in a radius of up to 10 meters. This is because we will have to put the drone in the water ourselves and for this we need to be able to stand next to the water.

What conditions are not a problem for us?

There are several things that we can handle but divers, for example, cannot. These include extremely cold temperatures that a person cannot stay in for long, but a drone can. The same kind of problem is the depth, here our drones can also cope well. Even with low visibility, a drone can see basically everything, thanks to the sonar that is on the ROV. By the way, a drone can do all this in closed spaces, where a diver could get into trouble. In conclusion, an underwater drone is the best choice in these conditions.

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