The Pivot is the latest underwater drone, ROV from Deep Trekker!


The latest innovation in underwater drones! The Pivot is the latest underwaterdrone, and it’s ready to go right away!
We tell you everything you need to know about the brand new ROV.

The Pivot is a drone that can be used for inland waters as well as offshore! The appearance of the drone is based on offshore models, and this is scaled up and ready for inland waters. Because of the appearance, the balance of the ROV is outstanding!

What is the Pivot capable of?

The Pivot is a versatile drone, which is between the DTG3 and the Revolution in comparison. We have listed the most important general points for you here:

  • The Pivot can dive up to 300 meters deep
  • The full HD-camera can rotate 200 degrees
  • The batteries last up to 3 hours, and can be replaced within 1 minute.
  • 6 Propellers allowing you to always move freely in all directions.
  • Robotic gripper arm that can tilt 97 degrees!

What is the price range of the Pivot?

This underwater drone is also in between the other two drones in price range! It’s really a step-up model, with almost all the benefits of the Revolution…. But without the price of the Revolution! So you already have the Pivot with sonar for half the cost of the Revolution!

Possible accessories

Again, the Pivot sits between the DTG3 and the Revolution! Actually, all options are possible on the Pivot. This means that you can equip the ROV with:

  • Sonar and GPS
  • Grippers and samplers
  • DVL and USBL (for positioning)
  • Many sensors for the best measurements

This way you can customise the drone yourself, and get the best results by adding additional accessories to your composition!

Comparison to other drones

As mentioned, the Pivot sits in between the other two drones. For anyone who is not ready for a Revolution, but still wants more options than the DTG3 can provide, this is the ideal intermediate step.
Because the underwater drone has a head that houses the camera and lights, you can rotate it separately from the rest of the body. This keeps you in the exact position, but allows you to view from a different angle!

With capability for sonar integration, you have visibility in any water, and you can use the grapple arm to grab objects, and bring them to the surface.

Also, the brand new Pivot is a lot lighter than the Revolution! So this ROV (without accessories) weighs only 16.7 KG. This makes the Pivot portable by just one person.

Like the other drones, the Pivot is delivered completely in Pelican cases. This ensures convenience, and provides the ideal protection for the drone. You can now store it safely at all times!

Ideal for, among others:

  1. Water tank inspections
  2. Ship inspections
  3. Pipeline inspections
  4. Working in harbours and rivers
  5. Inspecting bridges, floodgates and stowages.

Other information:

  • The drone has up to 3oo meters of cable
  • Is always fully tested and has at least 1 year warranty
  • LCD controller, for image in all circumstances
  • Ability to switch live between camera and sonar

And so there are many options and possibilities that we like to discuss with you!

If you have any questions about the Pivot, or other opportunities we can offer you, please contact us!

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