Use a sonar for all water conditions!


Water conditions differ per project, sometimes we are exposed to murky or even black water. So when there is no visibility through the camera it has to be done in another way.  Sonar is the best solution here! With sonar there is a view below the water border, and many different objects can be inspected. Have you made good images with the camera? Then the sonar can be used as an extra check. This way you can be sure that everything is correct and no unexpected dangers occur.

Sight in the worst possible conditions!


Thanks to the sonar, we can also have visibility while the water is not clear enough for our camera. When water is too murky to get good images with the camera, you can still get all the information thanks to the sonar.

We can see more than 30 meters! ahead in the murky water. What the condition of the water is, is often difficult to say in advance, therefore it is of course optimal to always have a sonar with your inspection, which we will always take with us!

Inspection for (possible) damage…


Soil inspections can be performed on a regular basis to make sure that there are no foreign materials to be found. They can also look for possible objects that could cause damage to ships or culverts.

In addition to soil inspections, pipelines can also be inspected. Cracks and damages can be seen quickly on the sonar, after which an evaluation can be made about the consequences.

The sonar is a tool for safety! In fact, sonar can always look further ahead than a camera, so it is often faster to do an inspection on sonar.

The Side Scan Sonar

A Side Scan sonar is a sonar that is hung on the side of ships, hence the name. It can also be attached under ships or separately. This sonar takes images of the bottom of the sea, rivers or lakes. Usually one is attached to both sides of a ship for overlapping images and a wider spectrum.

The Side Scan Sonar actually takes a picture, a snapshot. This also does not allow for live viewing of moving images. The forward-looking sonar can! This sonar allows you to swim towards objects and accurately assess any situation.

Monitoring divers and moving objects

Besides inspections that the ROV can do completely independently, we can also monitor diving teams in (turbid) water with the sonar. In this way, a potentially dangerous situation can be quickly spotted and prevented. In addition, the severity of a situation can be quickly assessed. Possible problems can be observed underwater, which often results in faster solutions.

Not only people, but also other moving objects can be seen on the sonar. For example, fish, but also the placement of objects on the bottom can be seen live on the sonar!

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