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We always see different circumstances when we take on jobs. Often, the assignment description is correct, but it can also suddenly have a deviation (such as differences in water levels). This can make it difficult to carry out an inspection in the right way. By deploying the entire product range of H2O Drones, every inspection can be performed!

The product range of our drones and crawlers

Basically, the range can be divided into two groups:

  • Drones (ROV’s)
  • Crawlers

Drones (read: underwater drones) can navigate in water, and they need water and space for a good inspection!
Crawlers, on the other hand, are very compact, for small spaces that do not always have to be full of water.

Due to the large contradictions in these products, an inspection can almost always be carried out! So dimensions and water levels do not have to be a problem for an inspection!

The product range of  H2O Drones’ ROV’s:

In our range there are 2 basic products underwater drones:

Starting with the Revolution ROV:

The Revolution is a unique underwater drone. The USP is a rotating head. Why is this so important? A rotating head means you don’t have to move the drone to get different images. The drone can remain hovering on the same spot in the water, while the camera or sonar still gets a different image!

By integrating many different features, the drone can do a lot:

  • DVL: Automatically fight against the current and accurately maintain the chosen position and height in the water!
  • Sonar: Always a good visibility of up to 60 metres!
  • Laser: With the laser pointers you can precisely measure deviations or cracks!
  • Thickness measurement: For thickness measurement of steel, such as sheet piling or ship hulls.

And there are many more possibilities, such as GPS, hydrophones… Or like below: a Caviblaster!

The DTG3:

The DTG3 is a completely different type of drone! It is a lot more compact, and has mainly the basic options of an underwater drone.
The camera can move around inside the drone without moving. This camera can easily maintain a fixed angle, despite movements or currents!
We ourselves have built many practical applications onto this drone, such as wheels to slide over a bottom, a GoPro attached to the side and also additional lights!

It is possible to connect a sonar to the underwater drone, and a number of other applications to be able to carry out a proper inspection. Because this drone has fewer features that are not needed by everyone, it is quite cheap to use as a starter!

The product range of H2O Drones’ crawlers:

The range of crawlers also consists of two basic models:

Pipe crawlers are mainly for small pipes such as sewers, rainwater pipes and dry bridge culverts.
Utility crawlers are adaptable for many different tasks, and can drive over metal surfaces with magnetic wheels or can clean pipes with a vacuum head!

Pipe crawlers:

Pipe Crawlers are very compact, but still have everything needed for a good inspection.
They come standard with a 4k camera, the cable is strong enough to withstand a pull of more than 80 kilos and the crawler itself is easy to handle for the easiest of inspections!

There are many different models and applications:

  • Robotic arm for turning in all directions
  • Zoom-camera to get the perfect details
  • Different wheels and tracks for ultimate grip!

Pipe crawlers can therefore be arranged and set up to meet your needs, for the best result in every inspection!

Utility crawlers:

Utility crawlers can be used for many different inspections!
The MAG edition has magnetic wheels and can therefore drive on metal objects. This is useful for inspections of metal sheet piling or ship hulls. So there is always a close-up view. There is also a possibility to attach a sonar to it, in case visibility is poor or an inspection has to be carried out at a long distance.

The VAC utility crawler has a suction head to actually vacuum a pipe. In this way, sludge can be sucked from the bottom and the pipeline will be a lot cleaner again! This is important during major maintenance, or can be used for drinking water tanks. A crawler can easily clean drinking water completely, where humans always bring some form of pollution with them.

“What is the best fit for an inspection?”

Honestly, that depends entirely on the inspection purposes and the circumstances. Underwater drones and crawlers can complement each other well and can be used in many different situations. They have different fields of work and therefore different specialities.

It can therefore be an added value to take a drone and a crawler with you. This way you are always prepared for any situation, and you can take on any challenge!

To find out more about our products, or how best to use them, please contact us.
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