The Gasometer: An undiscovered underwater world


The Gasometer – more than meets the eye

In the Landschaftspark in Duisburg, a whole new world was created in an old industrial place. During the industrial era in Germany, it was one of the main places, where they made steel and dug up coal. Nowadays, it’s a big museum that allows visitors to walk through the whole park and even walk into the factories. While most parts of the factories are still like they’ve been decades ago and equipped with the original machinery, one part is changed completely.

The old gas tank, the Gasometer, is now filled with 21 million litres of water and is now used for diving. They offer private diving courses, but also allow people to come for an hour and dive freely. Moreover, the policemen and firefighters of the areas close by visit the old gas tank to train for rescue mission.

What did we do at the Gasometer

If you look at it this way, an old gas tank to dive in is not that exciting. However, the Gasometer offers more! On the bottom of the gas tank, is a mysterious world that can be discovered. And of course, we wanted to explore that with our drones. So we, as a team, packed our drones and went to the Gasometer. Unsure of what we would find but excited to use the drone for something new, besides inspections. And we were not disappointed! For us, the most important difference to other projects, was the water quality. As we mostly work in rivers and seas, we are only exposed to murky water. Of course, in the Gasometer that was different, and it was one of the only times where we could really use our camera.

What did we find ?

In our new YouTube Video, you can get an overview of our findings. But there was so much more!

From a ship wreck, to an old airplane to a cow. Everything that you can imagine can be found on the ground of the old gas tank. We were amazed by the whole atmosphere. From above the surface, where we were standing you could see the whole tank. Which seems even bigger from the inside than the outside. Moreover, there are barely any lights and the main light is coming from the open door, through the dark a kind of magical atmosphere is created.

This magical atmosphere, can also be found underwater. We were able to swim through an old airplane with our drones and every spot offered a new and unexpected surprise!

Overall we can say, that we are grateful that we could join this unique experience!

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