Ship inspection with an ROV. Fast and effective!


Use an underwater drone for your ship inspection. No longer dependent on professional divers and shipyards for propeller, rudder or surface inspections. The Subsea Drone Revolution ROV, equipped with the Imaging Sonar of Blueprint Subsea is very suitable for carrying out ship inspections while the ship is still in the water. With the imaging sonar, the entire ship under water is visualised. We are working with a forward looking sonar. With the help of the rotating head, images can be taken from all sides of the boat. This allows for a precise picture. However, the drones are also equipped with a camera. The 4k video camera, clear under water images are made that provide direct insight into the condition of the ship under water without the ship having to be taken to a shipyard or to a dry dock.

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The ship does not have to be taken out of service. By performing wet inspections below the waterline with an ROV, the ship owner saves a lot of money. Inspection of the propeller, rudder or bottom, it was never so easy!





Are you interested in a ship inspection but are not sure if the drones can help you? We offer free demonstrations, just contact us here. We also have a LinkedIn page to keep you updated about our developments of the drones.

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