ROVs and wind turbines: necessary partners


Offshore wind turbines have become part and parcel of the Dutch landscape. Unfortunately, the elements are constantly affecting these white giants. Corrosion and other types of damage are real threats to the wind turbines. Both above- and underwater, their status needs to be monitored. That is where Remotely Operated Vehichles (ROVs) can help. These high-tech robots offer insight, data and safety. Below, we explain how it works.

As an ROV specialist, we know all about our ROVs, but also about deployment. This also applies to offshore wind farms. We have already successfully carried out several inspections in this sector. Thanks to the data an underwater inspection with an ROV provides, accurate maintenance strategies can be developed to monitor the structural integrity of the wind turbine as efficiently as possible.

What we see
Especially now that most wind turbines have been in the sea for some time, it is important to inspect them on time and regularly. Equipped with a 4K camera, bright lights, sonar and a thickness gauge, an ROV can provide instant insight into what is happening below the waterline. During an underwater inspection, all other parts of a wind turbine can also be viewed.

The cables located underwater, the cable entrances and the ecological aspect of the wind turbine. This is because wind turbine monopiles are filled with life, such as crabs, jellyfish, starfish and coral. The cables and cable entrances are an important part of the wind turbine’s construction and facilities. A visual inspection of these provides assurance and reduces risks.


What we offer
We sell ROVs, but can also be hired. Our ROV pilots are trained for offshore inspections and are certified according to the Global Wind Organisation, among others. We can be deployed for several days in a row to inspect a wind turbine from head to toe. In fact, ROVs can also inspect wind turbine components located above water. A life-threatening job for humans, but a risk-free undertaking for a robot. Thanks to the exceptional designs of our ROV, we can reach places of a wind turbine that no one else can, such as the inside of the blades. You can read more about this in this blog.

When it comes to sales, we like to help make the right choice. Together with the customer, we figure out the best options to shape the ROV to the right conditions. We also offer a course on how to use and operate the drone, so that operators know all the ins and outs of the ROV. Of course, we are always available to our customers. That includes not only questions, but also service in the form of repairs. An overview of our offer can be found here.

An ROV is the best option for complete imaging of underwater assets. These robots are specially designed to perform this kind of inspection in the harshest conditions. It not only provides pretty pictures, but actively and accurately contributes to the maintenance of underwater structures. In doing so, it prevents not only high bills, but also unnecessary safety risks.

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