Our mission, vision and important principles!


Our Mission!

H2O Drones’ mission is safety on and underwater, for anything and anyone working in or with the water. We want to make the safety of underwater inspections as optimal as possible. Unfortunately accidents still happen very often during inspections. One of the biggest causes of diving accidents is getting stuck underwater. As many as 21% of all accidents are caused by this. These kinds of accidents can be life-threatening and we want to prevent them.

How can we make this happen?

An underwater drone can take over work from divers in its entirety, but this is not always necessary. An inspection with a drone is always safer, but divers can still do things underwater that ROVs cannot. Underwater drones are therefore designed to make inspections safer, even if the drones do not do the entire inspection themselves!

With LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis) inspections, areas to be entered by a diver can be secured, and potential risks can be addressed and discussed prior to the dive. We first check the water with a drone to see if there are any dangerous materials on the bottom that the diver could get stuck in. A diver can get stuck behind materials or cut himself on sharp points of rocks on the bottom or protruding metal objects.

By discussing an optimal route with the least possible hazards in advance, there is more chance of an inspection without accidents. If an inspection really turns out to be too dangerous for a diver, it is always possible to inspect as much as possible with the ROV. This way there is certainty about safety, and nothing can happen to human lives!

Our other core values

In addition to making the performance of inspections safer, we also provide, for example, time savings, cost savings and everything goes through technology with us. With underwater drones, image and data processing is a lot easier and more reliable. By integrating sonar, it is possible to look further ahead than with a pair of eyes, or a camera. Thus, an inspection can be performed much faster, which will ultimately lead to cost savings!

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