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The product range of H2O Drones is expanding! We will offer the entire range of Deep Trekker on our site from the beginning of may. For this purpose a whole new shop will be introduced which you can check out soon. Besides our familiar underwater drones we will also offer a new ROV.

The new crawlers!

The new crawlers are  part of our expanding product range. They are underwater robots that can easily drive over surfaces that drones cannot reach.

Here we distinguish between two types of crawlers:

  • Pipe crawlers

Think of pipelines that are too small for a drone or that are not completely submerged, a perfect job for the crawler!

  • Utility crawlers

Deze crawler maakt het makkelijk om een romp van een schip te inspecteren. Met zijn magnetische wielen gaat dit erg gemakkelijk. Ook kunnen andere objecten van staal of ijzer geïnspecteerd worden, zoals bijvoorbeeld kadewanden.

This crawler makes it easy to inspect a ship’s hull. With its magnetic wheels, this is very easy. Other objects made of steel or iron can also be inspected, such as quay walls.

In short, the possibilities are fantastic! Like the drones, these underwater robots are remote controlled. And are built to last.

The DT340

Want to start inspecting pipes, but don’t need all the bells and whistles? With the DT340, you have the essentials to perform an inspection of an 8-12 “(200-300 mm) pipe, without the need for a full CCTV bus or the stress and limited capacity of a push camera. Ideal for simple inspections of sanitary sewers and rainwater pipes.


The DT340 L package is the ideal package for construction companies inspecting new installations, pipe inspection contractors looking for a backup system, or small towns with limited budgets who want to get basic knowledge of what’s going on in their pipes. If you are looking for multiple options, consider our other The DT340 L package comes with our DT340 basic crawler or is also called a tractor.

This crawler is modular, allowing you to add different wheel sets, lift arms, camera options and more to enhance and expand its capabilities. This crawler fits into a tube only 8 “(200 mm) in diameter and has a forward-facing zoom camera to capture an image of the tube from your handheld controller and record the video to an SD card. The DT340 L package comes with 200m ( 656′) of chain on a reel that counts the distance you have traveled in the tube, and displays this data both on the screen and on your recorded video, along with your incline, roll and other parameters.

In addition to this edition, we are going to offer different types of DT340. There are different options available with each robot and this will also be reflected in the different prices.

The DT320

Become the most mobile CCTV pipe inspection team with a one case portable pipecrawler. The DT320 crawler, handheld controller and 200m (656′) Tether on a Reel all fit in one wheeled case.







The DT320 is the most portable and easy to operate crawler for pipes between 150-450 mm (6′ and 18′) in diameter. The DT320 is fully steerable with a compact track that drives the vehicle. This track enables the crawler to get over splits and obstacles as well as mud and debris. On the outside, the wheel kits provide more traction, stability and to raise the camera higher. The camera is also height adjustable with the lift arm, you can adjust the head to be in the middle of up to a 300mm (12′) pipe. The package includes a counter reel that shows on screen the distance you have traveled in the pipe, so you can determine where in the pipe defects are when you find them. The DT320 has a pan tilt camera that allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees and tilt 270 degrees to perform a full, thorough inspection. The tracked vehicle and handheld controller are battery operated, so you can deploy them from even the most remote locations.

The DT640

The DT640 series are the utility crawlers! These have magnetic wheels and can easily go on different surfaces. This easily gives close up images of objects such as ships and walls. This also includes a 4K camera and a possibility for a sonar! So everything can be inspected properly and easily.

DT640 Utility Crawler Package2 MagCrawler on Wall

The design of 1 rear wheel allows for 360 degree rotation with a short turning radius. Above and below water inspection is easy for making damage reports.

In case of known damage, a small part of a vessel can also be inspected. A specified damage report without having to inspect the rest.

Or inspecting the entire ship to oversee further damage and intervene in time, the possibilities are endless!


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