Underwaterdrones in unexpected places!


Under water drones are often used to make the work of divers easier and for safety reasons. Situations like this often occur in rivers, pipelines and locks. But ROVs can also be used with less obvious assets. These are locations that you never think about, or didn’t know about!

Drones in nuclear power plants

Especially in nuclear power plants, drones can be of great importance. The water in which underwater drones can enter is usually cooling water, in which various assets are located. Because this water can be hot and may contain radiation, it is less desirable to take divers into the water. Of course, it is important to check whether everything is still in order at a nuclear power plant in order to prevent disastrous consequences!

See here how an inspection of a nuclear power plant can look like!

Water in the food industry

ROVs can also be used in large factories in the food industry. Not so much in consumer goods, of course, but mainly in the factory’s cooling waterpipes and outlets. By deploying an ROV here, a cooling water pipe can remain active, and the factory does not have to be shut down.

Extinguishing watertanks and basements

Extinguishing water is used for exactly what you expect it to be used for – extinguishing fires. Fire water tanks are often connected to large fire hydrants or sprinkler systems. It is not necessary for this water to be potable, but the tanks must not have sand at the bottom. This can cause a crucial obstruction in pipes and must be removed from the tank.

Instead of emptying the tank and removing both all of the water and the sand, this is also possible with a suction robot! The DT640-VAC can drive over the bottom and pick up sediment from the bottom with a kind of vacuum head. In this way, there is much less water loss and the result can be seen immediately with a camera in this vacuum robot.

Why under water drones?

Drones are quick and easy to deploy, do not require safety regulations and are compact. The camera and sonar capabilities make data processing smart and fast.
With many possible accessories, a drone or robot can be customised to meet any challenge!

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