Complete report after inspections with an underwater drone!


After an underwater inspection, we can create a report for you of our findings with the underwater drone! These reports easily record everything we have inspected in one document, giving you a complete overview of your asset and its state of repair! Now there is black and white information on whether there is damage, what the extent of this is and if a follow-up plan is needed! It is also possible that your asset is still in perfect condition…. That is good news and useful to know.

What does our reporting consist of?

H2O Drones performs underwater inspections from which reports are generated. The reports are made complete by the information gathered from the inspection, where you can name any focus. The report states what was inspected, how this was done and what the results of the investigation were. Based on this examination, a thorough analysis of the footage is performed where results are obtained. The results of the analysis of the inspection are then recorded in the report. As a final part of the report, we write a recommendation for a follow-up plan (if necessary). This is where our expertise in hydraulic engineering comes in, as H2O Drones likes to think along with you! This way you know exactly where you stand and whether any repair or replacement work needs to be done.

  • Assignment
  • Footage
  • Results (after analysis)
  • Summary of the results


How does a report come about?

Everything in the reports is based on our own work. In fact, all information is extracted from images taken by one of our drones. This is then neatly formatted into a Pdf file for the best ease of use. For the reports is always a (fixed) price discussed with the customer, so there are no surprises afterwards. The reports are optional, another possibility is that you get the raw data (the footage unededited) and you make your own analysis where results are obtained.

Why is good reporting so important?

The reports are particularly important to get the results analyzed properly. Besides the fact that we normally only send the footage, we especially analyze the points where there are often problems or where problems can be expected. Since one of our inspectors made the footage, he or she is in the best position to read what can be found on them!

We also often use sonar footage, which are very difficult to read without experience. In the picture below you can see such a sonar image. At H2O Drones we understand underwater structures and can therefore see very well what is going on with your assets. This provides extra assurance and ensures that the optimum results are achieved from your inspection!

We used the image of our sonar footage for an actual inspection. We did this for a dutch company, which explains the dutch text boxes. They read the following:

-Deposition of dredged sludge in width (upper text box)

-Joint transition in concrete tube (lower text box)

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