Service after purchase

You have bought a drone, what can you expect from us now?

After you have purchased a drone from us, it will be delivered as soon as possible. After delivery, the products you ordered are immediately available for your missions!

After your purchase, you can start training with us by following an educational training. Here you will learn everything about the drone and its handling.

When you have mastered the full functionalities, you can immediately use it for your inspections… but what if something goes wrong?

We offer a standard one-year warranty on technical aspects of the drone. If there are any issues that you cannot solve yourself we will look into it as soon as possible, while you get a drone as a replacement. H2O Drones understands the need for inspections and wants to assist you in every way possible. If parts cannot be repaired we will immediately order a new one.


Do you have an overcapacity that you cannot solve in the short term? Call in H2O Drones as a third party to help you out! We can help you with an inspection, or you can make a new purchase to increase the capacity. Also in the time between purchase and delivery we can assist you. This way you only have eyes for the customer, and we solve your problems in the background!

Other services

We offer a number of additional services that you can also make use of. For example, we can:

  • Spray or sticker your drone!
  • Fit your accessories to the drone
  • Help with the preparation of reports

And lots moreā€¦

Do you want to negotiate or discuss matters? You always have that option. We can always be reached by phone or mail.

Contact us about the various possibilities.

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