Renting an ROV

Buying an underwater drone does not have to be interesting for you. Or you may simply choose to hire this specific expertise from a party that always works with the latest equipment with well-trained and experienced operators. We know better than anyone that the quality of an inspection or survey is not only determined by the underwater drone, but certainly also by the operator. We have experienced operators who have extensive knowledge of the underwater world. We employ people with experience in hydraulic engineering and diving.

You can rent an underwater drone with operator per day or part of the day and be assured of a completely independent inspection.

Why rent an underwater drone (+ operator)?

  • The safest way to inspect underwater
  • Our expertise of the assets underwater!
  • Most efficient
  • Data-oriented, all recordings can be viewed in their entirety!

In the short term, renting is always a good option, especially if you do not know whether the drone is a good investment for you. If the underwater drone is a good investment for you, you can always buy a drone from us.

You can also purchase a drone, and if there is too much work, hire us on! We will then help you with the inspections if you are short of man-hours.

More about our working conditions you can find on this page

Do you have special wishes or assignments?

Please let us know in time, so that we can take this into account as much as possible during or after the inspection!

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