Investment options

An ROV is a great addition to your business and a good investment that pays for itself quickly. ! Our purchase options consist of two parts:

Which option is best for you depends on the use. The more the drone is used, the cheaper it is to buy it once! If you want to do a one-off inspection, it is probably not wise to buy a drone, but you can hire us for a fixed daily rate. With a H2O drone you will always inspect safely, efficiently and data-oriented! The drone is completely independent during inspections and only brings the images to the surface (possibly through a report)!


Are you considering buying an H2O drone? Then we would be happy to advise you. To familiarise you with our products, we organise demos and presentations online or on location. Here we show the possibilities of the drone and how to achieve optimal results. Subsequently, we can discuss the goals and the ideal composition of the drone! A machine that does not meet your requirements will ultimately lead to disappointing results. To prevent this, we make an inventory of your needs together with you and put together the ideal machine!



More information about hiring an ROV can be found here!

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