Education and training; working with an ROV!

Content of the training

We train you to be a drone operator! But how do we do it?

  • Theory of the underwater drone
  • Theory reading and estimating situations
  • Navigation with the ROV in the field
  • Getting a good visual of everything in practice
  • Maintenance of the drone

These are the essential points that come up in the course. These points must all be mastered in order to work well with an ROV, to get the most out of it and also to retain the most out of it for as long as possible.

In addition to the ‘standard’ contents, we will also be watching and, if necessary, we can make adjustments and give tips and tricks. Every inspection is different, but a number of basic principles are often the same. Possibilities in the handling of the drone, for example by making it lighter or heavier. Or building in extra accessories yourself, there are plenty of possibilities… and we are happy to help!

Common tips and tricks for underwater drone inspections

  • Adjust the drone’s buoyancy for the best results from an inspection!
  • Make sure that it is clear beforehand what needs to be inspected with the drone, and check whether there are any potential hazards.
  • In case of error messages, retrieve the ROV immediately! Find out what is wrong and whether it can be fixed quickly.

FAQ: prior to the course

Who should I bring to the course?

Younger people can handle the drone faster, the more experienced ones have expertise of the assets under water. Combining this ensures optimal results. We recommend a group of 3-5 people!

How long does the course take?

The course takes 1 or 2 days! If everyone has mastered everything quickly, the course can be given in one day. When people have more difficulties, we book an extra day!

Do we have to bring lunch?

No, food and drinks are completely provided by us during the courses.

What is the location of the course?

Westervoortsedijk 73, in Arnhem. Netherlands

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