A great part of the water in the Netherlands is not clean! The water in rivers and lakes is basically always turbid, with hardly any visibility. Also, the bottoms are often full of sludge. This is obvious in rivers, but can also spread to bridges and harbors. Apart from the fact that a lot of sand and stones can cause slight damage, inspecting the condition of assets is more difficult!

By cleaning assets underwater, the state of service can be determined much better! With complete reports, a maintenance plan can be drawn up and there is more certainty and overview of the risks of, for example, subsidence.

We have the possibility to clean in multiple ways, for example we can clean the bottom of pipes and (drink)watertanks. We do this with our Utility Crawler, see here how we do it.

We can also remove and clean buildup on walls and ships, we even use this in combination with a thickness gauge!

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Close up of the back of the DTG3 Navigator with Seatrac USBL and the vertically mounted precision thruster.