What are waterproof drones?


What is an underwater drone?

An underwater drone, also known as ROV (remotely operated vehicle), is a remotely operated underwater robot to work with and perform inspections under water.

The underwater drone can be operated by a single person, can be used under the most severe circumstances and works on own batteries for as long as 8 hours. Using an underwater drone, the world under water is quickly accessible in the most safe and durable way, without the need for people being under water.

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From ultra-advanced to recreational: H2O Drones has a wide range of waterproof drones.

We are aware of the developments in the international market and adapt our range accordingly. Your wishes are our starting point, that is why we prefer an initial informative interview. Do you, for example, require full HD-footage, sonar equipment or GPS-function? How often are you going to use the drone? And for which applications?

After this talk we give you honest advice about the right underwater drone. Also we take care of training, to enable you to adequately operate the drone.


Do you a drone only one-time or every now and then to look under water? Then rental is a good option. H2O Drones rents out different brands and types of waterproof drones with operator. After a consultation, we will gladly advise about the drone that fits you.

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The specialists of H2O Drones are also available for performing inspections. In that case you won’t need to operate the underwater drone yourself, but you can leave to us. We will discuss your needs and subsequently carry out the assignment in a professional manner.


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