Underwater – ROV pilot


Are you passionate about mechanics and the underwater world?


Your focus is on surfacing the best footage and then translating this into perfect coverage. Customer contact also plays an important role. H2O Drones proudly delivers the highest quality and we radiate this through you.

Why would I want to work at H2O Drones?

With our pioneering vision, we make conducting an underwater inspection more accessible than ever. Using crystal-clear underwater imagery that was invisible until recently. At a rapid pace, the entire underwater landscape is being introduced to our sophisticated inspection method. With impact. And both nationally and internationally.

Every day, we delight numerous new (recurring) customers. Large municipalities, engineering firms, water companies and the mother of water, Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch ministry of infrastructure and waterways): all find their way to H2O Drones. What your day with us will look like? A whole (underwater) world will open up for you.

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So what are my main duties?

To be successful in your role as ROV pilot, it is important that you have experience in the field. Piloting a drone is one thing: but knowledge of underwater assets is essential for achieving the best inspection results. Your main duties are:

  • Controlling the underwater drones and robots;
  • Creating exactly the footage you want on behalf of our clients;
  • Analysing, interpreting and making expert reports based on your underwater images;
  • Constantly switching between inside and outside sales;
  • Maintaining customer contact on location.

This is what you have

  • MBO or HBO level of thinking and working
  • You enjoy maintaining customer contact
  • Interested in working with techniques such as: video mapping, sonar and photogrammetry for civil engineering works
  • You feel responsible for our clients
  • You have earned your spurs in the underwater landscape
  • Strong affinity with drones
  • `You combine enthusiasm with down-to-earthness

This is what you are capable of

  • Translating underwater footage into tight reports
  • Delivering careful craftsmanship
  • Thinking in terms of possibilities instead of limitations
  • Contributing to the further development of processes, standards and technical aspects of inspections with underwater drones - and robots and their applicability
  • Taking initiative and not afraid to try new things
  • Recognising sales opportunities

This is what you get

  • A nice down to earth team
  • The opportunity to also inspect (far) beyond national borders
  • The latest underwater drones and robots at your disposal
  • A fully equipped work bus to make your work as easy as possible
  • A competitive salary based on your skills
  • Responsibility, but also good supervision
  • The possibility to grow


Are you the ROV operator we are looking for? You can apply quickly and easily. After all, we are particularly curious about the person behind your name, your motivation, your skills and what makes you special.

Looking for another position?

We are always looking for talent. Do you have the H2O profile but are looking for another position? Of course, we are willing to create something for you to maximise your potential.

Who can you approach for this position?

Karst Beens

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