Underwater drones


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Advantages of H2O Drones

Took look underwater has always been a challenge. Especially, in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium we are mostly confronted with murky water.

Even the best camera cannot help in that situation. However, our drones can.

They are equipped with a sonar system and other helpful tools to get a clear view underwater.

But this is only one of the advantage, that we offer!

  • Rapidly deployable, operational within 5 minutes
  • Portable solution in one case
  • To be operated by one person
  • Works on own batteries up to as long as 8 hours
  • Working safely, no people working under water unless strictly necessary
DTG3 ROV construction site/ bouwkuip.
  • Useable up to depths of max. 300 meters without limitations
  • To be equipped with many types of standard accessories
  • Data gathered can easily be exchanged
  • Service, maintenance and warranty taken care of by H2O Drones
  • Knowledge and experience, we know what you wish to see under water.