Deep Trekker ROVs

What equipment do we use?

What equipment do we us?

We work with products from Deep Trekker, a company from Canada. After considerable market research and a number of considerations, it turned out that they deliver the best quality, especially in the field of compact drones. With, for example, the patent on the Revolution’s rotating head, they are unique in their kind.

This fits in seamlessly with our vision in the field. During crucial inspections, rapid deployment or perhaps life-saving work, quality simply comes first!

The possibility to switch between a 4K camera and an oculus sonar offers almost endless possibilities! We are proud to announce that we are the official certified retailer of all Deep Trekker products in the Netherlands!

Besides the Netherlands, we also deliver our products and services in Belgium and Germany.

What services do we provide besides our products? Take a look at our service page for the possibilities and options we offer you!

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