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We work in many different sectors and can perform a variety of tasks. We can get footage in very murky waters, of in drinkwatertanks where we can see everything with lights turned on. From inspecting bridge piers to narrow culverts and energy farms to searching for people who are in danger of drowning. We have accumulated experience in many different fields and are the experts in the field of underwater inspections!

Our working method

As mentioned before, we work with the drones (and crawlers) of Deep Trekker. In addition, we have our own equipment to get the best results (footage) from the drones. We come to you with one of our vehicles and can carry out the inspection for you.

Above the water, we will make an analysis of the situation before going underwater. In case the situation is not suitable for one of our ROVs, we may have to make adjustments (remove plant debris, for example) before starting the inspection. In case there is not enough water for an ROV, we will look at the possibility of inspecting using a crawler. More information about the minimum requirements of our working methods can be found here.

After the inspection, we store the images, ensure that the correct footage is forwarded, and can make an analysis or follow up plan if required. If you want the full footage of the inspection, that’s no problem, just let the inspector know and he will arrange it for you.

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