Mission, vision and core values

Our core values

At H2O Drones, safety always comes first. This is the core value of our organisation.

Safety can be achieved in many different ways. We focus on limiting diving accidents.

One of the missions of H2O Drones is to reduce diving accidents to a minimum. We want to prevent diving accidents as much as possible and eventually bring the toll counter to zero!

Years ago, there wasn’t technology that could help divers that much. Today however, with the useage of underwaterdrones their is no need for accidents, or puting a diver at risk in potentially unsafe environments. We want to help everybody out there who shares our idea of keeping divers, people, safe.

How do we (aspire to) do this?

Each situation requires a different working method and there are several things to take into account. Every situation is unique: for a diver, but also for the drones. Despite these differences, we are very good at safety checks and risk analyses. Even last-minute.

So, there are three possibilities when inspecting for safety:

  1. Inspection prior to the dive
  2. Monitoring during the dive
  3. Evaluation afterwards


  1. Full inspection with an ROV

This is how we create a better world with safe conditions for everyone underwater.

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