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Knowledge of both the underwater drone and of water

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Water management / water infrastructure

H2O Drones is an initiative of Karst Beens, an entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in water construction.

He collaborates with experienced professionals in the field of water quality. With H2O Drones, Karst offers an innovative solution for owners and managers of water-related constructions.

The available knowledge of the underwater world and the technology of underwater drone make H2O Drones a reliable partner.

Karst Beens, CEO of H2O Drones, partner van DeepTrekker

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Portwalls - underwater drone H2O Drones
  • Water management / water infrastructure

    The Netherlands have many assets under water, like dam walls, quay walls, piers and fendering. A drone is an ideal instrument to inspect these assets. The drone makes good quality camera and/or sonar images. You can view these images real-time, but they are also recorded. This allows you to, for example, check and monitor the maintenance status.

waterquality, environment, climate, data, ROV
  • Water quality

    In case of water quality investigation, the drone can be equipped with sensors. This enables you to measure different matters down to great depths, like the acidity, temperature, water depth, salinity, nutrients and pollutions.

ecology, climate, marine life, underwater drone
  • Ecology

    Using the underwater drone you can perform ecological investigations at great depth. The full HD camera gives you a perfect insight in the environment, and in what condition the environment is in.

diverguidance with an underwater drone / ROV
  • Diving support

    A drone can be used to follow (professional) divers under water. This increases the safety of the divers. From a distance of 50+ meters, or keep the drone close to a diver, the possibilities to keep divers safe are (almost) limitless.

Underwater drone

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