Pipe en Utility

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Crawlers are designed to discover and inspect additional areas that drones, or divers cannot reach! You can inspect pipes from 150 mm, but also drinking water tanks or the sides of metal objects. Different types of crawlers have different applications. Below you can make your selection to choose the right crawler or put it together!


Pipe crawlers

Pipe crawlers are small robots that are good at inspecting pipelines. In contrast to drones, a pipe is not supposed to be full of water. The crawler can drive through the pipe and use its camera or sonar integration to inspect the pipe! Because of the different possibilities with accessories, you can use it in almost all pipelines!


Utility Crawlers

Utility crawlers can be used in a wide range of applications. The MAG version, for instance, can drive on metal objects such as ship hulls and dam and quay walls thanks to its magnetic wheels. The VAC version can be used in pipelines and drinking water tanks to suck up sludge from the bottom. This way, you can keep everything clean and drinking water is not contaminated!