We sell drones ‘customized’

Under water drone for sale
or for rent

Our shop offers you different options. You can buy or rent a drone from us. In doing so, you have a choice of different brands and accessories.

We also perform inspections on request. From ultra-advanced to recreational: H2O Drones has a wide range of waterproof drones.

We are aware of the developments in the international market and adjust our offer accordingly.

Your wishes are our starting point, that’s why we first plan a consultative meeting with you.

  • For example, do you need full HD images, sonar equipment, GPS function or anti-roll technology?
  • How often will you use the drone?
  • And for which applications?

After this discussion we will give you an honest advice on the right underwater drone. We also provide training, so you can get to know the drone well.


Underwater drones: underwater inspections of all your assets. In the sea, rivers or pipelines. Our drones can do it all! With the use of a drone, work hardly stops. Ships can continue to sail and factories can continue to operate. Drones can take more safety risks than divers. This is an advantage for safety.

Crawlers: For those missions where an ROV is not suitable, due to lack of space or water! Even then you can come to us, the crawlers can take on this challenge. Crawlers are perfect for confined spaces and magnetic surfaces. The different possibilities with the accessories allow the crawler to be optimally equipped for an inspection.


Accessories: To succeed in your missions, the use of accessories is crucial. Always additional possibilities and innovative solutions! The accessories determine the efficiency of a drone per mission. These accessories ensure the optimal inspection for the given conditions.


Would you like to know more? We are happy to give a demo on site.

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