DT320 Mini Crawler Base

vanaf: €29.900

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(We are official dealer for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany)

  • The DT320 is the most portable and easy-to-operate crawler for pipes between 150mm and 450mm (6″-18″) in diameter. The DT320 is fully controllable with a compact track driving the vehicle. This track allows the track to negotiate loose parts and obstacles, mud and debris.

    The wheel sets add something to the outside to increase traction and stability and to position the camera higher. The camera is also height adjustable with the lifting arm, you can adjust the head so that it sits in the middle of a pipe of up to 300mm (12″). The package includes a counting reel that shows on screen the distance travelled in the pipe so that you can determine where in the pipe there are defects when you find them The DT320 has a pan-tilt camera that allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees and tilt it 270 degrees to perform a full, thorough inspection.

    This is the basic DT320 crawler package, giving you the essentials in one quick package!

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