How H2O Drones is making a difference in the world of underwater inspections!

Written by Karst Beens

A while ago, we published a blog with malpractices in the world of underwater drones. It was mainly about purchases without service, by companies that are purely focused on sales. But new technology often turns out to be difficult to use. And how do you know beforehand what you actually need most?
Now we explain which services H2O Drones offers, to show that not all companies are only focused on sales.

What goes wrong when buying underwater drones?

We call it ‘blind buying’, where a drone is bought without knowing what is best for the user. This has a few clearly distinguishable causes:

  1. Misleading information from companies
  2. A purchase purely focused on budget
  3. No service.

Misleading information from companies:

Many companies advertise everywhere on the website with great images of clear blue water. Nice, but in our area only found in swimming pools.
With a good camera, there is of course a lot of visibility in these waters, but in the turbid water we have in the Netherlands, visibility is very limited. In fact, often the visibility is only one metre! Then a camera alone might not be enough.

A purchase purely focused on budget:

This is a sensitive point, because it is not the companies themselves that are responsible for this, but the consumers!
If you do not know whether a drone really suits you, it is logical not to buy the most expensive one. But a drone from China that is bought at a bargain price can never be as good as a quality drone.

Often, cheap ROVs do not last long, and the possibilities are very limited. If you are not satisfied with this (kind of) drone, it does not mean that all underwater drones are of this quality.

Quite simply, a good price often results in poor quality.

No service:

Often with the cheap underwater drones, the service is also poor, if there is any service at all! For a small budget you cannot expect the best service. But often there is no service at all, especially from companies that operate abroad. Products are sold without extra information, training or help with orientation in the market.

H2O Drones sees a gap in the market here. Literally, because these are things that should be very normal but are not happening!


How is H2O Drones trying to fill this gap in the market?
Services around purchasing:

To start with, the aforementioned things do get done by H2O Drones.

Customers are helped in a buying decision process, to see if the drone is really the right match. We don’t want to hear that an ROV is just put away because it’s not good enough. (Real tailor-made advice)
For example, we often recommend installing a sonar on the underwater drone if it is going to be used a lot in murky water.

After purchase we offer a standard course with theoretical and practical experience. This will enable you to actually use the drone.

Should the ROV you have purchased not be enough? We also help as an external independent party with your inspections, if required.

Extra possibilities offered by H2O Drones:

Hiring is also possible! If an inspection is a one-off, or you don’t have enough time, money or expertise to purchase a drone, we will take this work off your hands. We can do this for you:

  • Independent inspection by an inspector with more than 30 years background in hydraulic engineering/water related assets.
  • Prepare a report with a clear analysis of the images taken
  • Clean your assets!
  • Provide you with advice.

Thus, H2O Drones is not a company that wants to sell as many drones as possible, but wants to help everyone the best it can and ensure underwater safety!

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