Maritime and shipping

Inspections on location


Ships can now be inspected at the site itself, which is a huge step forward for the shipping industry.

So there is no longer a need to spend time and money transporting ships!

With our underwater drones, we can always inspect your ship below the waterline, eliminating the need for dry docking, and the costs associated with it too!

Safe deployment dangerous situations

We offer an innovative solution for dangerous situations.

By using drones, human lives are no longer in danger! Dangerous situations no longer exist, because you can always let a drone do the dirty work.

Performing quality checks

  • A drone always has good visibility!
  • Inspections can be done by experts for a fixed rate per day!
  • Data analysis is much easier and clearer!

Wij kunnen ook voor u deze werkzaamheden uitvoeren.

Bij waterkwaliteitsonderzoeken kan de drone uitgerust worden met sensoren. U kunt dan tot grote diepte verschillende zaken meten, zoals de zuurgraad, temperatuur, waterdiepte, zoutgehalte, voedingsstoffen en verontreinigingen.

Wij voeren alle werkzaamheden op locatie uit waarbij een onderwaterdrone inzetbaar is en rapporteren naar de klant.



  • On-site inspections of floating equipment and ships

  • Safe deployment in hazardous situations

  • Extra eyes under water during operations

  • Carrying out quality checks


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