Infra, port and watermanagement


The Netherlands have many assets under water, like dam walls, quay walls, piers and fendering. It is important to inspect those assets regulary. A drone is an ideal instrument for watermanagement.

The drone makes good quality camera and/or sonar images. You can view these images real-time, but they are also stored. This way you can check and monitor the maintenance status.


What are the benefits of inspection?

  • Prevent big maintenance
  • Less costs
  • Hour-efficient
  • No more unsafe situations!

How can we support you?

  • Accurate data collection and processing
  • Always good image through cameras and sonar!
  • Quickly deployable and always accessible.
  • Monitoring assets
  • Safety inspection
  • Water quality
  • Soil investigation

Do you have assets in the port that need to be inspected?

Not sure whether this is possible for you?

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