Inspecting with an underwater drone is the safest and most efficient way of inspecting! By working with ROVs, there are no people underwater, so safety is never compromised. The images made by the camera or sonar can be viewed live and afterwards. So you can be sure that you always get the right images from an inspection!

Inspection with the underwater drone is aimed at collecting data that can be used to analyze the condition of the assets underwater. The images can be fully analyzed because the images can be viewed in retrospect. This way, you can always provide evidence, and thus get the most out of an inspection and report.

You can choose to purchase a machine yourself, but you can also let us carry out your inspections. Do you choose to hire our team of experts? With the data we provide, you can compose your own report to the client, so you can remain in control of the assignment.
You can also choose to have us draw up the report; we have taken the images and can therefore most easily produce the report. After all, the focal points have been highlighted by one of our inspectors.

Does your engineering office need an extra inspection team? Then you can also come to us. As an independent inspection agency, we can perform the inspections for you as an additional service. In doing so, you make use of our excellent equipment and more than 30 years of expertise in hydraulic engineering and the underwater world.

Do you want to invest by buying a drone or do you want to hire our services? You are at the right address!

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