Climate and ecological research

Climate change is getting more threatening for us, every year. And our time to react is getting shorter. Therefore, it is important to research the changes and keep an eye on the developments.  DeepTrekker already supports the climate change research in Canada. There are several possibilities to use our drones in this spectrum, here are the advantages in a nutshell:

  • Diving deeper than people can!
  • Doing research without people in the water, so no pollution
  • Measurements with instruments for accurate data collection
  • All footage is fully retrievable!

Scientific research while using an ROV

Research is easy with an underwater drone! What can you use the drone for?

  1. Temperature measurements at depths of up to 300 metres!
  2. Taking soil samples for research
  3. Measuring water quality
  4. Repeated research is possible thanks to GPS coordinates.

Discoveries and expeditions

H2O Drones gladly helps with expeditions and trips. Visiting shipwrecks with a drone does not only provide good images, but this is also the safest way. For divers this is of course a beautiful place, but shipwrecks can be unstable and light touches can cause a wreck to collapse. These are obviously situations where you don’t want people around.

  • Investigate safely
  • Additional research possibilities thanks to sonar
  • Visiting confined spaces with drones

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